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With dedication and dedication, we must be brave and take responsibility for development.

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A few years ago, due to the weak production of tomato paste, the company operated effectively.

The benefits decline year by year, in this difficult environment, the management of the company in 2015.

Take the opportunity to take the initiative and attack without any support or help from outside forces.

Under the circumstances, independent research and development, self-designed, made and installed stevioside.

The production line was put into trial production in July 25, 2016. Then I tried many times.

Production, staff members brainstorming, brainstorming, technological transformation and gradually completed

The production process is improved, and the technology and equipment are being perfected and stopped until May 24, 2018.

A total of 310 tons of stevia sugar were produced. But because we are in Stevia material

In the acquisition and production, the novice is going on the road, and it will inevitably pay a lot of tuition fees.

Because today's sales market has been transformed into a buyer's market, tomato sauce is also good.

Stevioside, or selling price, has declined all the way, especially stevioside raw material market.

The scene is more chaotic, the production cost is clearer and the finished product sales are in the hands of buyers.

Everywhere, there is no gap. It has reached the point of paying back the loan.

The company will not forget the decent life of its employees when it is damaged and difficult.

The average wage per person increased by 200 yuan, and the age of factory age increased from 10 yuan per year.

25 yuan, the average capital increase is more than 400 yuan; in May, the production just ended.

Personally involved in the planning, the cost of about one hundred thousand yuan, the organization of collective tourism, full body.

An enterprise is not seeking the maximum benefit, but is seeking the humanization of enterprise development.

The generous effort to enhance staff cohesion has highlighted the fearlessness of corporate bosses.

Sincere heart and strong heart. We can easily find the management of the western region sun.

It is a management group that is active, enterprising, innovative, people-oriented and dedicated to social benefits.

What kind of quality should our team and staff lead under such a team?

The attitude of God has been put into the pace of enterprise development and strenuous efforts. I think we should.

From following aspects, we should keep pace with the steps of enterprise development and safeguard the interests of enterprises.

Go ahead.

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