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Jinta raw material company organize material manager to observe

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    On the morning of July 8, 2018, the raw material administrator of Jinta Branch breathed cool and fresh air, walked in the green fields and fruitful ridges, feeling the joy of harvest in sight. This is the Jinta Raw Material Company in accordance with the company's call, active action, raw material management organized a tomato, Stevia two raw material production on-site observation activities.

    This activity is mainly aimed at Shengdi Bay and Jinta Town. In Shengdi Bay, the planting pattern of tomato with one film and two lines is also observed. In the field everybody extensively exchanges, says the strong point to make up the weak point, sees this kind of pattern superiority lies, has the promotion necessity in the entire region. The existing problems are too high planting density, too many seedlings, but also affect the yield, in the process of communication with growers, farmers also know this. In Jinta Town, the growth of Stevia rebaudiana was mainly observed. Generally speaking, this year's cutting seedlings were better than previous years, but the farm household work was not sophisticated enough, the weeds were not cleaned, and the arrangement of cutting tips was not implemented, resulting in inconsistent growth height. Less branches will have a great impact on output.

After the end of the campaign, a comprehensive summary was made at the scene and a request was put forward.

    Firstly, in view of the common problems of tomatoes, such as fewer fruit sets and fewer fruit shapes, the raw material companies require the administrators to leave the household and do a good job in field management. In the period of tomato fruit enlargement, remedial measures were taken to increase yield and benefit by applying fertilizer and increasing fertilizer.

    2. Require all Stevia growers to pluck the top core of Stevia so as to facilitate branch cutting, increase yield, supplement water and fertilizer, spray liquid nitrogen fertilizer and improve quality.

    3. Require the observers to publicize the good experience of tomato and stevia planting to the peasant households at the opportunity of this observing activity so as to promote the promotion of planting by the peasant households next year. (Jinta raw materials company)

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