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The future competition of an enterprise is ultimately the competition of culture. Excellent corporate culture is the foundation of a strong and prosperous enterprise. The westsun people with great ambition will create a good cultural atmosphere for unity and development.


    To develop the westsun, we must do everything well. The basis for the westsun to properly solve and handle problems is to proceed from reality. The employees depend on the survival of the enterprise, the enterprise depends on the development of the employee, the enterprise and the employee share the operating results together, the enterprise put the care for the employee into practice. All the staff do not wait, do not empty talk, down to earth, hard work. Adhering to the realistic and pragmatic scientific attitude, brave in exploration, diligent in practice, good at summarizing, and striving for common development of enterprise and individual career.


Success often comes from the courage to explore the unknown, while development comes from the spirit of innovation to break through the status quo. Under the situation of changing business environment, westsun must be enterprising and innovative to ensure its survival and development. The westsun should carry out management reform from the inside actively and perfect the enterprise system according to the characteristics of its own development stage and the requirements of establishing modern enterprise system. At the same time, it is also necessary to adjust the operation strategy in time according to the market demand and the existing resources and conditions of the enterprise to create a new situation of enterprise development. Development and innovation are not only reflected in the continuous development of new products with market potential, but also reflected in enterprises' proactive response to changes in the external environment. In the face of rapid changes in technology, business and market, westsun must adapt to change, survive in change and develop in change. Only through persistent exploration and innovation, can the westsun stay invincible in the future development and keep youthful vitality forever.


    I would like to thank all sectors of the community and our customers  for their care, help and support in the past! Welcome new and old customers to establish long-term cooperative relationship with westsun. Our company will pursue the business philosophy of "offer healthy food , shaping western top brand", and provide safe, healthy and reliable products to the society as always.

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