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   Gansu west sun Food Co., Ltd,as an export-oriented enterprise, specializes in deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. We have been awarded with National Key Leading Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialization, China Quality Credit Enterprise, National High-tech Enterprise. With registered capital of RMB 69,540,000, total assets RMB 200,000,000, we have independent import and export rights. we have totally three branches—Jinta Branch, Guazhou Branch, Biotech Branch; and three subsidiaries, including West Sun Loan Guarantee Co.,LTD, West Sun Small-Sum Loan Company, B.C.Foods(GANSU)Co.,Ltd. The tomato production lines of ours were imported from Manzinni, and Ing. A. Rossi ofItaly. Daily capacity of the production lines varies from 1500 tons, 1000tons, 750tons (3lines), 600tons, 500 tons. With these advanced facilities, our annual processing volume reaches 320,000tons, tomato production 50000ton. Apart from the state-of-art production facilities, we also enrich ourselves with 134A Sub-critical fluid extraction, SFECO2 and oil refining equipments. With an annual processing line of 3600 tons of stevia leaves, output of 300 tons of stevioside per year.

   The company is located in the middle of the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province, China,in Jinta County,Jiuquan City,along the ancient Silk Road. between 98°58'—100°20'east longitude and 39°47'—40°59'North latitude. Jiayuguan Great Wall to the north, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes to the west, and Zhangye Gaotai County to the south, transportation is very convenient.The elevation is between 1100 meters and 1400 meters, is a typical temperate arid continental climate, rich in light,heat,water,land resources, long sunshine time, large temperature difference between day and night, The annual average sunshine time reaches 3197 hours, with an average solar radiation amount of 153 kcal/cm2.

    Where the company is located, suzhou district of Jiuquan city, Jinta county and guazhou county have more than 2 million mu of cultivated land, and the surrounding land has great potential for exploitation and utilization. The development of agricultural products has unique natural advantages, and it is the cultivation base for the production of grain, oil, vegetables, fruits and other agricultural products in China. Jiuquan,Gansu Province, has a good foundation of agricultural development and a high level of agricultural development. The local tomato planting has a long history and rich experience. The traditional small plots of planting and intensive farming make the tomato produced good quality and high commodity rate, lycopene up to 10mg/100g, soluble solids content is above 5%, higher than the national average. The local planting of stevia also has a history of nearly 20 years. Only in suzhou district, the planting area of stevia is more than 100,000 mu. In the local development of tomato industry and stevia products,with broad prospects.

    Certified with ISO 9001, HACCP, FSSC22000, our products are exported to continents including Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia etc and enjoy high reputation around the world, formed a solid international marketing network.

    The company will give full play to the advantages of regional resources, make use of scientific and technological progress and modern management technology, and constantly bring forth new products. With the purpose of "offer healthy food ,shaping western top brand", the company will develop products with western characteristics, create famous brands in the west and build westsun into a first-class food production enterprise in the west of China.

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